Is Sydney Harbour Yacht Club a real yacht club?

Not in the strictest of terms. We are a lifestyle brand delivering apparel, accessories and adventure. The bricks and mortar club is coming!

What are your shipping costs?

$15.00 flat rate Australia wide! Free shipping Australia wide if your purchase is $150.00 or over.

$35.00 flat rate for all international destinations.

Will I have to pay any taxes and duties for my order ?

Australian customers must pay GST on all orders. International orders can incur taxes and duties as determined by the Customs agency within the destination country. This doesn’t always happen. Assessment of duties and taxes will be based upon the value of the order and the Tax-free threshold (if applicable) for goods imported into the destination country. Payment of such taxes/duties is the responsibility of the buyer/recipient. More information can be obtained by contacting your local customs office.

Why don’t your prices include GST?

We sell our products worldwide and those customers do not pay GST, only Australian customers pay GST.

What are your Gift Certificate terms?

  • Not Redeemable for cash
  • Gift Certificates are charged and supplied in AUD (Australian Dollars) only
  • One or more Gift Certificates can be redeemed for a single purchase
  • Remaining balance can be used for future purchases within expiry date
  • All Gift Certificates have an expiry date 12 months from the purchase date

Can I get a custom personalised Gift Certificate to give as a present?

Yes. Our electronic Gift Certificates are standard when you purchase them (see example below). You can choose if the standard Gift Certificate is emailed to yourself or to someone else. If you wish to give the Gift Certificate as a present and require a physical copy to print, we can create a personalised SHYC Gift Certificate with the recipients name (see example below) at no additional cost. Follow these instructions for a personalised print version Gift Certificate.

  • At the checkout, under “Additional information – order notes”, simply add “Personalised Gift Certificate required – name of recipient is John Smith”.
  • At the bottom of the checkout page under “Gift Certificate receiver details” make sure you enter YOUR email details, not the recipient. The standard Gift Certificate will be emailed to you.
  • After your purchase, we will email you the personalised print version.

Standard electronic version


Personalised print version


I have a discount code and a Gift Certificate, can I use both for the same purchase?

Yes, most of our discount codes can be used in conjunction with Gift Certificates and other discount codes. Occasionally we will release a discount code that is a standalone code, you can’t use it with other codes, but we will advise you of that at the time of release. All discount codes can only be used once per customer.


What is the Sydney Harbour Skipper’s Challenge?

The Skipper’s Challenge is a unique blend of mini “Survivor” type team challenges, with a twist of mystery on and around Sydney Harbour.

What do the Challenges involve?

Enthusiasm, perseverance, collaboration, strategy, dexterity, balance, commitment, communication and enjoyment. Challenges for each Skipper’s Challenge event will vary to keep it fresh.

Can I use SHYC Gift Certificates and discount codes for the Skipper’s Challenge?

No. Gift Certificates and discount codes only apply to apparel and accessories.

Do I need to have sailing knowledge or experience to participate in the Skipper’s Challenge?

No! You won’t need any sailing experience or a yacht to compete in the challenges.

Where does the Skipper’s Challenge take place?

The Skipper’s Challenge takes place on and around Sydney Harbour. The exact location will not be revealed until the day of the event.

Where does the Skipper’s Challenge pick-up and drop-off?

Rose Bay Wharf.

What is the duration of the Skipper’s Challenge?

4.5 hours in total. 3 hours for the challenge – followed by 1 hour BBQ lunch on the vessel (gluten free / vegetarian options) to the crown winners. Swimming is permitted during the BBQ.

Meet at 9:30 am for Skipper’s Challenge registration and briefing, then board the vessel for a departure at 10:00 am SHARP. We’ll be back on the dock by approximately 2:00 pm. Those not at the dock by 10:00 am will miss the boat!

How big are the teams for the Skipper’s Challenge?

On the day of the Skipper’s Challenge there will be 6 teams with 4 members in each.

What does it cost per person for the Skipper’s Challenge?

Date:  Sunday October 15th 2017   Ticket Cost : $179.00 per person (15th October only)

Date: Sunday November 12th 2017    Ticket Cost : $194.00 per person

All ticket prices above include GST.

Will there be more Skipper’s Challenge events over summer?

Yes! Once the first two events are booked we will announce dates for the next event.

What is included in the price?

Yacht hire, qualified skipper, BBQ lunch (gluten free / vegetarian options), ice & esky, adventure and excitement. Everything else is BYO.

Can I bring alcohol?

Yes. However, under NSW law on this vessel, alcohol can only be consumed with food. So, during the Skipper’s Challenge event itself, no alcohol is permitted to be consumed. During the BBQ lunch you can responsibly consume BYO beer, wine or spirits.

Is there an age limit for the Skipper’s Challenge?

The Skipper’s Challenge is for persons 18 years and over. For insurance purposes, we will require proof of identity for our passenger manifest stating you are 18 years or older on the morning of event registration.

Is there any risk involved in attending this event? 

As with all events, there is an element of risk. Our duty of care to you ensures all possible risk is minimised and managed to an acceptable level. By purchasing tickets to this event, you and other ticket holders automatically agree to the Terms and Conditions for this event. Read T & C’s before purchasing tickets here – T & C’s. All participants must sign an assumption of risk, image release, waiver of liability and indemnity agreement at the event briefing prior to boarding the vessel. The event has public liability insurance on and off the vessel.

Can I take video/photographs during the Skipper’s Challenge?

Yes and no. From the time you embark,  traveling to the location of the first challenge, you can take video or photographs. Cameras and phones will then be stowed with valuables. This event is unique and we wish to keep it that way for future participants, so during the challenges no video or photographs will be permitted. After the last challenge is completed, you can take video/photographs and at the BBQ. These images can be shared across social media. Video and photos may be taken during the event for promotional purposes.

What are the rules for the Skipper’s Challenge?

The format for the event will be explained during the briefing at 9:30 am prior to boarding the vessel. The rules for each Challenge will be explained prior to each Challenge.

Who can book the Skipper’s Challenge?

Individuals and groups. There are 24 places available per event. You could get together with work colleagues, your sporting team or social club and find out who wants to participate. Ideally, a team of 4 would book so they are one team on the event day.

Can I book as an individual?

Yes. We will coordinate the rest of the crew. On the day of the Skipper’s Challenge there will be 6 teams of 4 members competing.

What if I have a smaller group of 6 or 8 people?

Yes you can book, we will coordinate the remainder of the crew.

Can I participate in the Skipper’s Challenge if I can’t swim?

Yes! Be warned, you might get splashed and wet during some of the challenges.

Can we swim?

Yes you can, although swimming is at the participants own risk and once you enter the water that signifies to us that you are swimming at your own risk. Swimming can only be done during the BBQ after the challenges. There is a harbourside pool at the BBQ location. Bring your own towel. Event organisers on board are trained in First Aid.

What should I wear?

Good idea to wear loose clothing, like t shirt and shorts, and white soled sneakers/joggers/beach comber style footwear. NO BLACK SOLED FOOTWEAR or THONGS (FLIP FLOPS) ALLOWED! Bare feet are acceptable on the vessel, but we will be disembarking for some challenges and enclosed footwear is required for those challenges.

What should I bring?

Swimwear, towel, jacket, sunscreen, sunglasses and hat. Bring something to drink during the challenge such as water (preferably plastic bottle). Limited BYO alcohol for the BBQ.

What shouldn’t I bring?

Children or extra passengers who have not paid and who are not on our passenger manifest (there are no places available on the day of the event), glass, black soled shoes/joggers/sneakers, throngs-flip flops and pets. Bring valuables at your own risk (if they get dropped over board they are lost forever). We will have a secure location aboard the vessel to stow valuables for the duration of the event.

What happens if I miss the boat?

You miss the boat. There are no refunds if you miss the boat. Arrive at 9:30 am for the briefing so you get marked off the manifest and we know you have arrived.

Are there toilets on board the vessel?

Yes, there are two.

What if it’s pouring with rain?

We have covered areas on the vessel so the event can still go ahead, it’s a challenge after all. The event will only be cancelled in the case of dangerous weather conditions such as extreme high winds and lightning, which make it unsafe to sail. This will be down to the organiser’s discretion, in consultation with event participants.

Should you wish to postpone, if we agree with you that the weather is not suitable for the event, you may postpone to another date, at our discretion, at no additional charge.

What shouldn’t I do?

Arrive late for the event. Damage the yacht – if you do you pay. Throw litter off the boat into Sydney Harbour, we want to keep the water clean for the next generation.

Will I be issued a ticket for the event?

Yes. A confirmation email will be sent to the purchaser’s email. If you purchase tickets for others, we will require all ticket holders names and dates of birth for registration and passenger manifest. Tickets will be issued once we have this information. Bring a printed or electronic version of your ticket to the event.